External customer cash trapping mechanisms are a persistent global issue with various types used by criminals. The exact cost of this crime is unclear as many ATM users are unaware that they have been a victim and do not report it.

Most external cash traps use a false front that is attached to the fascia around the shutter exit. When the ATM attempts to dispense a transaction, the cash triggers the mechanical trap inside the false front and captures the cash bundle.

bloc tab ATM security
Bloc-Tab V5


Bloc-Tab is a one-piece mechanical solution to prevent external cash trapping.* Bloc-Tab is a profiled shutter door that will prevent the ATM from presenting if a false fascia is fitted. The cash is retracted preventing theft.



One box solution
Fits to both types of shutter assembly
Onsite installation by the client – no specialist tools required 
Installation time 10-20 minutes – installation video available
Minimal BAU impact
Deployed in the UK
Designed to blend with the ATM

bloc tab ATM security